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Mobile Module Factory

Mobile Module Factory

• Modular System Designed for Automated HOCL Production
• Mobile Factory in a 20’ Reefer Container
• Optional 15kW Diesel Clip-On Genset
• Touch Screen Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Automated Controls Designed for Briotech™ Formula
• Water Filtration Unit
• 22/24 Hours Run Time
• Quick-Connect Liquid Lines
• Water Resistant Power and Control Quick-Connectors

Cell Capacity

Single Cell System (Included)
• Single Batch System
• 15,000 Liters per Day (LPD)

Dual Cell System (Optional)
• Dual Batch System
• 30,000 Liters per Day (LPD), Doubles Throughput
• Additional Instrumentation & Controls
• Increased Water Throughput Systems

Included 20’ Reefer Container Features

• Micro-Processor w/ Dehumidification Control and USDA
• Insulated Base with Aluminum T-Section Floor Rail & Corrugation Subfloor
• Corrosion Resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel (MGSS) Exterior w/ Three-Coat Paint System & Smooth High Grade Stainless Steel (HGSS)
• Inner Linings & Aluminum Scuff Plates

15kW Genset Clip-On (Optional)

• Simple, Easy-to-Operate, Reliable
• V2203-DI 4-Cylinder, Water-Cooled, 2.2-liter Direct-Injection 32 HP/23.9 KW Diesel Engine Which Meets EPA Tier 4 Interim Standard
• Nominal 15kW Brushless, Self-Regulated Generator, 460V Output
• 130-Gallon (492-liter) Fuel Tank Built Into All-Steel Frame
• Pin-Mount System with Clamp Provision (Clamp Option) for Easy Attachment and Detachment from Container Box
• Frame and Sheet Metal Components Powder-Coated for Durability and Superior Corrosion Protection
• External In-Line Fuel Strainer w/ Clear Bowl (strains larger particles in fuel prior to entering the lift pump, and clear bowl allows visual inspection of the screen for clogging)
• High-Efficiency Air Cleaner - Standard Dry Element, Optional Oil Bath (dry element, "cartridge" -style air filter w/ filter-minder allows for quick visual check of filter condition and signals when cartridge must be replaced)
• 12V DC Maintenance-Free Battery and Solid State Battery Charger

Dry Production Briotech™ Formulation

• Makes One 500-Liter Pre-Electrolysis Blend
• Uniquely Formulated for Briotech Process and Equipment
• Required for Proper Operation and Specified Results
• Packaged in a Dry Pail

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