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Viral pathogens have very short life cycles and die off if they cannot replicate. HOCL stops the replication of pathogens on surfaces. Numerous scientific studies, peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies have shown that HOCL is highly effective in eliminating and neutralizing an impressive list of pathogens associated with the following:

Anthrax, Bacillus, Black Mold, Cholera, Common Cold, Distemper, Dysentery, E-Coli, Echo Virus, Fifth Disease, Foot & Mouth Disease, Gangrene, Gastroenteritis, Legionnaires Disease, Listeria, Meningitis, MRSA, Pinkeye, Plague, Pneumonia, Polio Virus, Salmonella Poisoning, SARS, Sepsis, Sinusitis, Staph Infections, Strep Throat, TB, Typhoid Fever and more.

Product Possibilities*

• Medical Equipment and Surface Disinfectant
• General Cleaning Disinfectant
• Food Stream Cleanse/Field to Table
• Burn Care
• Wound Care
• Cosmetic Application (Skin Conditions,
Acne, Exfoliate)
• Fogging for Public Health & Enclosed Spaces
• Water Biocide
• Hand Sanitizer

* FDA Certifications are required for certain applications.


Prevent Spread of Contanimation: Spray Misting - Dry Fogging - HVAC Input - Food Handling

Protect People: Hand-Washing Stations - HOCL Foam Hand Wash


Built-in quality control processes ensure that pure HOCL is produced, eliminating concerns for any harmful species. Standard chlorine measurement tools will not distinguish between distinguish chlorine species: Cl₂, OCl, or HOCl. Our system controls maintain HOCL in pure form, thus eliminating any harmful species concerns.

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