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Personnel and Equipment Decontamination

Surface and airborne pathogens are a consistent threat in the majority of industries throughout the world. Airborne threats are particularly difficult to control because of their ability to spread without warning.

Briotech has developed effective, safe, alternative solutions to eliminate and control contaminants and microbe threats. Briotech's engineers and technicians have extensive experience in industrial mist decontamination. We develop proprietary mist and fog systems that are efficient, regulation compliant and portable.


Briotech provides cost effective industrial solutions in high-pressure fog applications for a wide range of industries. Our proprietary dry fogging systems perform better than traditional fogging, eliminating a higher percentage of pathogens while performing at lower costs.

Disinfectants are commonly applied as fogs in the chilled food industry. Recent research has shown that fogging is effective in reducing the number of organisms on upward-facing surfaces but, in general, it is not effective on vertical or downward-facing surfaces. Fogging also reduces the number of viable airborne organisms.


Briotech develops and manufactures cutting edge, environmentally conscious technology that provides innovative, sustainable and natural solutions.

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